ICE 2018, ExCel LONDON

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At ICE London 2018, Gambee again proved that this is a unique opportunity to show the technological innovations to which the company is striving. Gambee confirms its key creative power to bring new versions of gaming into the market, so operators can offer a variety of gaming options to their diverse acting groups. This year this place belongs to a completely new product, which Gambee launched on the market, a technologically advanced multi-game gaming slot machine with an extremely transparent touch screen and eccentric design that offers maximum comfort to the player.

Amazing feedback from partners, customers, visitors and competitors worldwide proved a firm claim on the company’s future oriented development strategy. The time we share with industry professionals from markets around the world is vitally important, listening to feedback, and building continued collaboration for the coming years.

ICE London was a great opportunity to meet-up and listen closely to customers, partners and industry experts from this region. Therefore, we would like to thank all our friends that importantly contributed to Gambee’s success at ICE London 2018.

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