• Casinos Austria

    Gambee is proud to announce a new cooperation with Casinos Austria International.  As Batumi is growing into a real gaming metropolis, the market is joined also by the global players such as Casinos Austria International. “Casino International Batumi” is their new venue, positioned in the Hilton Hotel strategically placed at the Batumi strip. A casino is featuring 15 tables and more than 110 gaming machines, among them a new Gambee GP8 Tito 8 seater machine. Our machine is connected to a Ticketing system offering wide variety of promotional options. To increase the performance of the machine, the machine is connected also to Gambee Lucky Number Jackpot.

    GP 8 Hilton Batumi

  • Gambee New 100 Plus stations Amphiteatre

    Gambee has made another important statement in producing high performance machines delivering a new giant amphitheatre setting to a Georgian buyer in  the last part of 2015. The new amphitheatre architecture machine will be installed in Georgia just before the end of 2015. It will consist of  more than 100 touch bet playing stations, simultaneously connected to an automated and a virtual roulette wheel.  System will be additionally enhanced with the addition of Lucky Number Jackpot, a Gambee own product and a trade mark feature of Gambee brand in Georgia.

    This new roulette amphitheatre will provide a back bone to a new slot club that will perform in an ever more competitive market in Georgia.



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