“Gambee was created to become supreme provider in the area of electronic casino games on the market and I think we are well on that path.”
David Kobal, owner

Decades of success

Gambee owner David Kobal has started his career in casino management in 1991 with his first arcades near the Italian border and in the following years started a profit-sharing operation with several different saloons in Slovenia. His first encounter with slots happened in 1994 and two years later he installed a first electronic roulette.

Those were the pioneering years for the automated electronic roulettes and David was a part of the revolution, first partnering with Alfastreet, and later within his very own company. He founded Gold Club in 1998 and in the following decades, it became one of the world’s largest and most successful producers and exporters of electronic casino games.

The most recent chapter in David’s life started in 2019, when he decided to take over Gambee, making it one of his latest success stories. With David’s help Gambee started on the path of innovation and aggressive growth, with innovative new products in the slots and electronic roulette categories. Gambee is continually expanding, entering new markets, introducing new products, and increasing the number of employees even during the global crisis brought about by the pandemic.