Last week, the traditional gaming fair FIJMA took place in Spain, which was attended by manufacturers, distributors, and end customers of products and services for the gaming sector. The focus was on offerings for gaming salons (the so-called street market), as Spain is one of the largest such markets, with around 260,000 gaming positions in use.

In Gambee, we recognized the potential of this market some time ago and focused on finding the appropriate distributor and developing gaming machines that are tailored to their demands. In partnership with Egasa, which operates under the Luckia brand and is one of the four most important distributors/operators in Spain, we signed a distribution contract in 2021 and already delivered the first quantities of our slot machines at the beginning of 2022.

At this year’s fair, Luckia presented Gambee as its main supplier and, above all, partner, with our machines at the center of attention and the subject of great interest from end customers from various Spain regions. The distributor is already very satisfied with the existing installations, as they achieve exceptional results, so their main focus this year is on successful distribution of our machines throughout Spain. The significance of the fair was also recognized in the media, where their distribution director confirmed the quality and market potential of our machines and highlighted the advantages of our games, which bring novelty and freshness to this demanding sector. Link to the news article:


With Egasa/Luckia, we cultivate excellent business and personal relationships, which further motivates us to commit to achieving results and growth for the benefit of both partners.